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In response, Sir Jeffrey said Dublin's stance was making a no-deal Brexit likely.

Kuenssberg said Mrs May and cabinet ministers were in agreement about the "horror" of missing the November deadline - a "deeply undesirable" outcome that would tilt the scales towards a "no-deal" Brexit.

The warning comes as Theresa May gathered her Cabinet in Downing Street today amid speculation Number Ten is on the cusp of agreeing a Brexit deal with the EU. The agreement would "not be done at any cost", her official spokesman said.

However, there have been reports the bloc could yet call an extraordinary gathering of national leaders towards the end of November following recent signs of progress.

Crucially, the speculated new deal will contain an "exit clause" that May hopes will show Eurosceptiocs that the United Kingdom will not remain in a customs union with the EU indefinitely.

The fraught issue of preventing a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is still proving to be one of the main sticking points holding back negotiations.

The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier told Belgian broadcaster RTBF this morning that the two sides were not close to reaching a deal, while Taoiseach Leo Varadkar told May on Monday that he was ready to consider a review mechanism that would keep the border with Northern Ireland open after Brexit, but that he would not accept any arrangement that would allow the United Kingdom to withdraw from the customs union without the approval of Brussels.

Meanwhile, the report predicts that the PM will sell the deal to hardliners within her party by insisting that they will be to blame should the United Kingdom crash out of the European Union without a deal in four months' time.

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And he should not get a promotion to a higher position, because he will constantly abuse that power, as well". In a blow to Kemp, a federal judge ruled Friday that Georgia must ease its "exact match" demands.

"While we too hope the Northern Ireland backstop will never be required to be used, it will be required to be written down in legal text".

May later reiterated to Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz that she believed a withdrawal accord was 95% complete, and was "confident" of a deal on the Northern Irish backstop.

"Can't understand why Irish Government seems so intent on this course".

The thorny issue of the border between Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland could sink the negotiations on Britain's exit from the European Union, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said on Friday (19 October).

It came as shadow chancellor John McDonnell confirmed Labour would not support a temporary customs union with the EU.

Mr Matheson, speaking in Treasury questions, said: 'The Government's own figures demonstrate between a 2% and 8% hit on the broader economy on Brexit, so isn't it the case that there is no form of Brexit that won't have a massive impact on the public finances and therefore on public services?'

He told the BBC: "I can't see it because I think it would be the worst of all worlds".