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Trump called Bolsonaro to congratulate him on his victory. In the longest arc of history, the rise and fall of Brazil's leftist politics may have brought succour to the most vulnerable demographic but it left the middle class feeling neglected. Investors said further gains will hinge on clearer signs he can deliver on a market-friendly agenda.

But to many, Bolsonaro's most concerning trait is a lack of concern about Brazil's nascent political checks and balances, implemented in the late 1980's as the country tried to shake off two decades of military rule.

The president-elect's future chief of staff told Reuters his first global trip would be to Chile, another South American nation that swung to the political right in recent elections, and soon after that he hoped to visit the United States.

Bolsonaro - whose previously minor Social Liberal Party will be the second-largest force in the lower house - meanwhile faces the hard job of piecing together a coalition from among some 30 parties.

A former environment minister tweeted that the move was "tragic".

Mr. Bolsonaro, the so-called "Trump of the Tropics", is a notoriously divisive figure, whose hardline approach has deeply divided Latin America's largest country.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with Brazilian President-Elect Jair Bolsonaro over phone on Monday to discuss bilateral ties and collaboration on Venezuela.

Despite relatively robust legal protections, Brazil is already the deadliest place for environmentalists, with pressure group Global Witness recording 57 deaths of people protecting land there previous year.

Mauricio Santoro, a political scientist with Rio de Janeiro State University, said he was concerned that Brazil would not soon dispel the tense and occasionally violent atmosphere that enveloped the polarizing campaign.

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Bolsonaro has frequently disparaged women, gays and blacks, praised torture and killings by police, and has said he would name military men to his cabinet.

He won 55 percent of Sunday's run-off election, more than 10 points ahead of leftist opponent Fernando Haddad.

His once-mighty Workers' Party said Tuesday the election was tainted by Moro's probe, and vowed "resistance" to Bolsonaro's government.

The PT still has a solid base of about 30% of the electorate - but will need more than that to mount a forceful opposition to Bolsonaro. The Sao Paulo stock market closed up 3.69% on the news.

Bolsonaro's rhetoric has proved beneficial to certain sectors. He said he was committed to fiscal discipline and called for the early elimination of the federal government´s budget deficit.

Besides Bolsonaro's aggressive statements, analysts don't know exactly how he will operate. "The lack of fiscal space, a high unemployment rate and a sluggish economic recovery will also likely limit economic policy options". We urge you to make it one that leaves Brazil - and the world - a more just, more sustainable and more equal place than you found it.

He and his advisors have begun fleshing out the staffing of his administration and setting out key priorities, including a fast-tracked pension reform that has faced resistance in Congress. He will oversee the transition from Rio this week and fly to the capital Brasilia next week, Lorenzoni added.

Bolsonaro, who takes office January 1, has promised to pull Latin America's largest nation out of the Paris climate accord, join the handful of countries that have moved their embassies in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and take a hard line against President Nicolas Maduro in neighboring Venezuela.