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He went on to reiterate his pledge that there would be no return to a hard border in Ireland whatever the outcome of Brexit negotiations, now on a knife-edge.

Reports over the weekend suggested that a withdrawal deal may be imminent, as technical talks continue in Brussels. We want to close that gap.

Before a permanent solution can be found, the United Kingdom and EU are trying to negotiate a so-called backstop that, under an EU proposal, could see Britain and Northern Ireland trade under World Trade Organization rules but linked in a customs union with the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the EU.

The British government's chief legal adviser has been quietly added as a 12th member of the Cabinet sub-committee created to oversee London's Brexit negotiations with Brussels after ministers insisted they would not sign off on a deal without his advice.

"I'm trying not to be negative because it is so easy for people like us to sit in a tv studio talking about how people could do it better and differently". It is Belfast after "breccia" will continue to obey the Customs Union of the EU and numerous rules of the single market.

Explaining why she voted to leave, Ms Ellis said: "I don't like the hidden bureaucracy of the European Union, and I think we should be promoting immigration from all countries, not just from the European Union". The truth of it is, the reason those figures have changed is a big chunk of the electorate think the immigration issue has been dealt with because we voted Brexit, and they think our major political parties will carry out their wishes.

Somali Refugee, Palestine Immigrant: First 2 Muslim Women In US Congress
While Omar campaigned on a similarly progressive platform, which calls for universal healthcare and tuition-free colleges. The Palestinian-American won the Democrat primary for the seat in August with around a third of the total vote share.

Justice Secretary David Gauke told the Channel 4 programme that revealed the results: "If we leave on no deal terms there's is no good shying away, it will be very bad for us economically".

Mrs May's approach, seeking free trade in goods with the European Union while accepting some of its regulations, has been criticised by both supporters and opponents of Brexit.

The key sticking point in talks remains how to avoid customs checks at the post-Brexit border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic without putting up new barriers between Northern Ireland and the British mainland.

However, the newspaper also reported that the new deal will include an "exit clause" created to convince those who support Brexit that remaining in the customs union is only temporary.

However, the nation appears to be sharply divided over what Theresa May should do next if she is unable to hammer out a Brexit deal by 29 March 2019, the date when Britain is due to exit the bloc.