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Despite hinting that Diablo 4 wouldn't be at BlizzCon, a lot of fans were outraged when the only mention of the series was Diablo Immortal, which is set between the second and third games. Diablo Immortal is announced to the world as a fully-fledged Diablo experience on mobile platforms, the saliva turned to ash in the audiences' mouths and a rain of boos echoed across the venue.

After the overwhelmingly negative response from Blizzard's fan base about the announcement of the company's Diablo Immortal mobile game, CEO Allen Adham has confirmed that there are more mobile titles in the works. Some of them are with external partners like Diablo Immortal. Diablo Immortal Reveal was a nightmare for the company but somehow they had it coming and now they are surely some regrets. The news came in the wake of a controversy that saw some fans angered at the reveal of Diablo Immortal, a mobile title now in development for release in 2019.

One source has since suggested to Schreier that Blizzard was not yet ready to reveal the game, as the game has undergone massive changes during four years of development. "Adham goes on to say, "... we'll have information to share on those in the future". First gamers cried foul, claiming the game would be disgusting, and then ex-Blizzard devs chimed in, criticizing the company.

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Brack said mobile is a "very significant opportunity" for Diablo as it relates to the game's reach and presumably its revenue potential. One thing which players maybe happy to see though is some of the background characters might be a bit more fleshed out and involved than they were previously. It's literally gutting the game to shape it around the mobile monetization model.

Given Adham's comment about the quantity of projects the team is now working on, it's fair to assume that at least some of them will be major PC releases and that, as the company has assured its fans, Diablo 4 will be among them.

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