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There's no legal precedent for changing one's age in the Netherlands.

"If you don't like your name, you can change your name".

They argued that if Ratelband's age was to be reduced, what would be the status of his early years then?

Ratelband told AFP that telling his real biological age to a prospective date was cramping his style.

"I'm so vibrant, so active and so healthy and I was suffering the pain that I felt like I was 48 but I didn't have the guts to change my birth certificate", he said. Ratelband argued that if transgender people are allowed to change sex in his country, he should be allowed to change his date of birth because doctors said he has the body of a 45-year-old, reports UK's Telegraph. "Why not your age?" he told De Telegraaf outside court.

Ratelband seems especially focused on getting his dating life back on track and says that he isn't anxious that women who see him in the flesh may be disappointed. He also said his actual age has been a sticking point for potential clients concerned he can't "speak the language of young people" despite being more knowledgeable and experienced than younger competitors.

It's reported that the court was sceptical of the lawsuit, believing that there was no legal grounds that would allow a person to change their birth date.

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Ratelband, who makes a living urging people and businesses to be positive, denies that the age request is a publicity stunt.

Ratelband gave an interview to AD explaining his logic for changing his age.

Ratelband's website also says his "age focus is to turn at least 94 years old and to then leave this world healthy and with pleasure when it has become a better place for everyone". But I don't want to lie. "I want to be myself, so don't force me to lie". But if the case doesn't shake out the way, he says he'll simply take it to a higher court.

The judge asked Mr Ratelband: "For whom did your parents care in those years?"

Ratelband, who has referred to himself as a "young god", has taken the matter to court in the city of Arnhem and is expected to get a ruling on the case in the next four weeks.

At first, he said, the judges "laughed like little girls".