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The accounts also retweet various posts by Musk, Tesla and Space X, in an effort to look more like the real Elon Musk account. The tweet was not only targeted towards the verified account's followers, but it also managed to enter the timeline of everyday users.

Pathé seems to have regained access to their account as the original tweet has been deleted. The trend was the same: for the first 45 minutes or so, the hacked account bore Elon Musk's name, before being replaced by an ellipsis. Another spoof was the various spelling mistakes like "bitcoic" and 'suppoot.' The signature giveaway of scams, asking for money, is also here. Allegedly, after the payment is made, users are entitled to the much larger sum of Bitcoin in return - up to 20 BTC.

Clicking on any of the links in the scam sends users to a page where they are urged to send anywhere from 0.1-one Bitcoin (£491-£4,491) to the scammers - with the promise that they would receive one-10 Bitcoin as a reward. The users do not get any Bitcoin.

The campaign office of Pallone confirmed that the account was compromised.

Twitter has attempted to combat these scams by blocking accounts without mobile verification from adding "Elon Musk" into their display name.

Twitter was asked to comment on the hacks but it responded saying that it does not comment on individual accounts due for "privacy and security reasons".

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For example, the above tweet would appear to have been praised by verified accounts like boxer Rayton Okwiri, blogger Sarah Scoop, and Swansea City AFC Ladies.

Illustration of Elon Musk smoking weed.

He tweeted 'wanna buy some bitcoin?' with winky faced emojis and a Bitcoin cartoon as a joke.

In September 2018, the entrepreneur reached out to former Dogecoin developer Jackson Palmer for help on clearing his Twitter threads of crypto-centric scams. These fakes of the past, however, only used Musk's name and likeness.

"Being able to hijack verified accounts is a potential goldmine for cryptoscammers banking on the visibility of the Tesla CEO", Chris Boyd, lead malware intelligence at Malwarebytes, told ZDNet.

"We have substantially improved how we tackle crypto-currency scams on the platform". In recent weeks, user impressions have fallen by a multiple of 10 in recent weeks as we continue to invest in more proactive tools to detect spammy and malicious activity.