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Indonesian accident investigators said an airspeed indicator of a Boeing Co 737 MAX plane that crashed last week was damaged for its last four flights, but U.S. authorities responded cautiously to suggestions of fleet-wide checks.

The report comes a little more than a week after a Lion Air 737 MAX 8 dove into the Java Sea at high speed, minutes after its takeoff from Jakarta in Indonesia.

The agency was asking Boeing and US authorities what action to take to prevent similar problems on this type of plane around the world, he said.

"We are formulating, with [the National Transportation Safety Board in the US] and Boeing, detailed inspections regarding the airspeed indicator", he said. The NTSB, which conducts accident investigations and is assisting Indonesia in the probe, didn't respond to a request for comment.

Boeing is planning to write to airlines using its 737 MAX jet about how to deal with erroneous cockpit readings that could cause the airliner to dive, according to reports.

The focus is on the aircraft's speed and altitude sensors made up of the Pitot Tube and Static Port which compare air pressure to give flight data.

Alon Soetanto told TVOne the plane dropped suddenly several times in the first few minutes of its flight. The Oct. 29 Lion Air flight took off in good weather.

Black box data recovered from the crashed Lion Air jet showed the plane had an airspeed indicator problem on its four flights.

Lion Air has said a technical problem with the jet was fixed after problems with the Bali to Jakarta flight.

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Recent rumors arising among the public say that the fallen Lion Air flight JT 610 that crashed into the waters of Tanjung Karawang on October 29 was due to technical failure.

Divers have pulled the plane's flight data recorder from the water, but are still hunting for the cockpit voice recorder- a key device that could provide clues to what caused the nearly brand-new plane to plunge into the sea.

"They need to find that cockpit voice recorder", Waldock said, "because that is going to tell us what the crew did in response to whatever situation they had".

Meanwhile, authorities have extended their search as they collect more body parts and shattered debris from the spot where the plane crashed during a routine one-hour flight from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang.

The focus of continuing efforts will be to recover additional victim remains and to locate the CVR, he said. "We lost our child, but there was no empathy that Lion Air showed to us", he said.

Lion Air is one of Indonesia's youngest airlines but has grown rapidly, flying to dozens of domestic and global destinations. That followed the discovery of defects on two other Boeing 737 Max 8 planes - both operated by Lion Mentari Airlines - during checks on six aircraft of that type.

Data transmitted from the plane and captured by flightradar24.com indicates that the plane continued flying at high speed away from the airport to which they meant to return, which Cox said seemed unusual.

Mr Tjahjono said based on initial analysis the "engine was running with fairly high speed" when it hit the water.