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That makes Michigan's household marijuana cultivation law the least strict out of all of the states. In the 2018 midterm elections, four states voted on various stages of legalization, whether medical or recreational. This legalizes medical marijuana for people with certain qualifying conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis.

With Michigan voting to legalize adult use, neighbors like OH and IL could soon follow suit to help build a market in that region.

Recreational marijuana advocates were lighting up and passing joints in Detroit after a ballot proposal passed to legalize pot.

MI now joins nine other states that have legalized marijuana for all uses: Washington, Colorado, California, Oregon, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada and Vermont. The industry would be subject to a 10 percent tax, as well as a sales tax. Although North Dakota won't be legalizing recreational marijuana this midterm election season, cannabis companies in the United States and Canada rallied on new market opportunities in MI and what appears to be a shift in public perception about the drug.

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"I think it's clear voters across the state understand that prohibition of marijuana has failed and it's wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer resources on enforcing a failed law when law enforcement resources can be used for violent crime, the opioid epidemic, things that really impact the quality of life in our community", said Josh Hovey, a spokesperson with the 'Yes On One" campaign.

In this way, Utah and Missouri joined a list that now includes 33 states where medical marijuana is legal.

Michigan's vote Tuesday to become the 10th USA state where the recreational use of cannabis is legal is adding more momentum to a trend that some investors now say is inevitable: that marijuana will become legal nationwide within the next 5 years. The proposal also creates an additional license for marijuana "microbusinesses" for grows of up to 150 plants, and individuals can grow up to 12 marijuana plants per household. The measure would have legalized recreational cannabis for those 21 and over. A Gallup poll found that 72 percent of Democrats and 51 percent of Republicans support legalization.

Amendment 2 follows the footsteps of previous state medical legalization. If more than one measure passes, the proposal with the largest affirmative vote will become law. I was on a drug policy panel with Rohrabacher last week at Reason's 50th anniversary celebration, and he seemed confident that President Trump, who has repeatedly said states should be free to set their own marijuana policies, is prepared to sign that bill or something similar.