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The trip marks the beginning of Trump's final sprint to polls closing on November 6, in which he will hold nine rallies over four days.

A knot of investigations.

Democrats have gone from being optimistic to confident that they will take back the House of Representatives following the midterm elections.

But first, House Republicans, who are divided over spending, would have to overcome those differences.

Trump has been using his campaign rallies to warn his Republican base of what he argues are the negative consequences of Democratic control of Congress.

INDIANAPOLIS:President Donald Trump campaigned back-to-back Friday as he launched a feverish push to help elect Republicans in next week's voting - but he also looked ahead to facing off against "one of the lefties" he expects to challenge his re-election effort in 2020.

He continued: "We're doing very well and we're doing really well in the Senate but could happen".

He didn't single out any of the Democrats who are thought to be considering challenging Trump for the presidency in two years. He told the AP last month that he won't bear any responsibility should Democrats take over.

Every two years, voters in the USA elect a new House of Representatives and one-third of the 100-seat Senate.

Meanwhile his staff has begun preparations to deal with a flood of subpoenas that could arrive next year from Democrat-controlled committees and the White House counsel's office has been trying to attract seasoned lawyers to field oversight inquiries.

Democrats hope to retake at least one chamber of Congress, and polls show they have a shot at winning the 23 seats needed to flip the House.

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However, a sarcastic Jones said: "You can get cited for something you did at a party when you were 15, anything could happen". In terms of 2019, there are questions that Eddie Jones needs to find answers to that are more important than a W or an L.

O'Rourke, a three-term congressman and former member of a punk band, is drawing enthusiastic support from many urban dwellers in Texas while Cruz does better in conservative rural areas. First among them would be a potentially bitter leadership fight in the House to replace retiring Speaker Paul Ryan. But he's also insisted he won't accept any blame if the GOP loses ground on Tuesday. They view Democrats eagerness to investigate the president as a blessing in disguise in the run-up to 2020.

"They can play that game, but I can play that game also", he said.

"The president's party nearly always loses seats in the midterm, so it will not be a surprise if there are Democratic gains", West said.

There will likely be a slew of subpoenas and investigations into "corruption" in the Trump administration, his attempts to influence investigating agencies and questions on the role of the US armed forces overseas.

Trump, Knight and Vice President Mike Pence will be stumping Friday for Republican Mike Braun, who is running against Sen.

White House aides have discussed floating popular legislative issues, such as infrastructure, to tempt Democrats and test the unity of the Democratic opposition.

Oprah joins the campaign trail ahead of the United States midterms. The Democrats have blasted Trump's stance on illegal immigration, and many voters on the progressive left disapprove of Trump's stance. Trump said. "Hundreds of millions of dollars to Honduras, to El Salvador".

The Senate is expected to remain firmly in the hands of Republicans, with the oft-cited Website FiveThirtyEight predicting a 1-in-7 chance that Democrats will win the Senate.

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Republicans were quick to point out that the party in power typically suffers defeats in midterms.

Casey Talbert, 30, said she voted for Machin when he ran in 2012 but is supporting Morrisey because "we need people who are going to support President Trump's agenda".

Said Fleischer: "In the aftermath people with exaggerate its meaning and in 2 years' time everything will have changed".