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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday abruptly shelved plans to meet a top North Korean official in NY, the latest twist in diplomatic attempts to secure a potentially landmark peace deal.

It did not specify why the meetings were postponed or at which side's request.

Trump and Pompeo have consistently said that sanctions will not be removed until North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons and allows the global community to verify it has done so. We're going to make it on another date but we're very happy with how it's going with North Korea.

The meeting's delay until "a later date" - announced earlier Wednesday by State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert, who also gave no reason - provoked concerns that nuclear talks between the US and North Korea had again bogged down, as Kim's regime seeks sanctions relief before taking key disarmament steps.

Pompeo said earlier that he plans to discuss with his counterpart the North Korean leader's promise to allow worldwide inspectors into the nuclear testing site in Punggye-ri and the missile engine testing site in Dongchang-ri to verify their dismantlement.

The UNSC has repeatedly imposed sanctions on North Korea over the country's nuclear and ballistic missile tests. But we're not in any rush at all.

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Last Friday, North Korea's Foreign Ministry criticized the US for its continued support of sanctions and hinted it may resume nuclear development.

Still, Pompeo had predicted "real progress" as recently as Sunday. One of the main goals of this week's planned meeting was to ensure that the summit was productive, according to Pompeo, by preparing some agreements for the two leaders to sign.

The State Department said "conversations continue to take place", with North Korea, and added: "The United States remains focused on fulfilling the commitments agreed to by President Trump and Chairman Kim at the Singapore summit in June". South Korea's foreign ministry said it was not aware of Ri's visit.

Pyongyang's former spymaster and has been Pomepeo's counterpoint through most of the US-North Korea negotiations in 2018. That has put him at odds at times with the Trump administration, including when requesting sanctions exemptions for joint economic projects with the North.

The ministry and south Korean foreign Affairs has deemed the report "unfortunate" but felt that the "interpretations overly pessimistic" does not justify.

And, in particular, an easing of global sanctions, with the support more or less explicit of Russian Federation and China, as well as to South Korea, an ally of the United States, but the president Moon Jae-in is determined to turn the page of tension.