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Chinese company Royole has (just barely) beaten the Korean electronics giant to the punch with its FlexPai (pronounced "flex-pie") handset, the first foldable phone you'll actually be able to buy.

Many rumors and leaks are making rounds on the web with different information about Samsung's foldable device.

After years of rumours, teasers and patents, Samsung appears to finally be on the verge of showing off its first folding Galaxy phone. We've seen foldable displays and concept phones from various companies but nothing concrete on a production unit from Samsung. It is the first foldable phone to come with a flexible display.

Samsung is no longer keeping it a secret and might be riding the wave generated by all the hype around its upcoming foldable phone. Samsung Mobile updated its profile photo on Facebook to a Samsung logo folded over.

The device, which has been the subject of speculation for years, will reportedly sport 7.3in OLED screen when open and 4.5in when folded in. I'm sure we can all live with that, though, even if Samsung remains quiet about release and pricing details.

Six arrested after sickening vision of Grenfell Tower effigy being burned emerges
A video has emerged on social media showing a group laughing at the victims of the fire tragedy while burning a cardboard model. The video ends as the model is completely consumed by the fire, with one bystander saying: "Perfect".

According to this report, Samsung Display will start mass production of components this month, but Samsung isn't looking to sell millions of this device because the price is said to be very high. While not much is known about the device yet, it is speculated that the device will unfold to look like a tablet.

On the other hand, Huawei is also readying a 5G compatible foldable device with the launch date expected in 2019.

The foldable phone will go on sale as a consumer device in China, but for now is only available as a developer model in the USA from December.

'You can use most of the uses ... on foldable status. She added that the plastic display was beginning to lift a little over the hinges, and made an "audible crunching sound" while being folded. Despite all the unfulfilled Project Valley and Galaxy X rumors of previous years, it's hard not to feel a little excitement for what Samsung might unveil later this week at its developer conference in San Francisco.