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Despite widespread publicity, Livar said his department still hears common misconceptions about the disease and the vaccine.

Does the flu vaccine cause the flu?

"No, doc. When I was younger I would get it and always get sick, so now - at my age - I think I will pass on it this year and take my chances". Influenza is a communicable disease and the government must enforce proper public health policy in such kind of situation where spread of communicable diseases especially flu are really threat to the citizens, he said.

While flu - or influenza - is most serious for older Americans and people with certain chronic conditions, influenza can affect people of all ages and lead to hospitalizations, significant health complications and even death.

The Division of Public Health's surveillance for the 2018-19 flu season began September 30 and will continue through late May.

Get the shot: Despite claims that you get the flu when you get the shot, this is actually false. This maybe the worst cold of your life. You'll probably feel weak and exhausted, and have a fever, dry cough, runny nose, chills, muscle aches, severe headache, eye pain, and a sore throat.

For kids - and even some adults - with an aversion to needles, one pharmacy chain has come up with a way to help take the sting out of the flu shot. These antibodies provide protection against the virus.

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Flu season started October 1 and runs through May. The flu shot will only be available while supplies last.

Medical officials say getting the vaccine not only helps keep you from getting the virus but also helps stop it from spreading. "You should get your flu shot as soon as possible". Flu shot: soreness, redness or swelling where the shot was given, fever (low grade), aches Nasal spray: runny nose, wheezing, headache, vomiting, muscle aches, fever.

Researchers have generated a new anti-flu antibody that demonstrates long-lasting and universal protection from a wide variety of influenza A and B viruses, including avian-borne strains like H1N1.

Seniors can also receive a free vaccine to protect against pneumonia. One of the most promising candidates for a universal flu vaccine was recently described in the journal Science - and it's based on antibodies produced by South America's camel, the llama. The reason being that the vaccine either has a killed (inactivated) form of the virus that is not infectious or it is made with proteins from a flu vaccine virus that is attenuated "weakened" and therefore can not cause the flu.

"We never know exactly what we're going to get", she said. "We saw a coverage that has never been seen before."It would be impossible for a vaccine to coax our immune system into making this artificial creation". Of these children, 772 (23%) had a positive test result for influenza and 1674 (50%) were vaccinated in the enrollment season.

Murti said the 2018-2019 vaccine should be a better match, as the H3N2 component has been changed to reflect what's predicted to be this season's dominant type of that strain.