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A movie entitled On The Basis Of Sex will explore more of Ginsburg's background in law before her Supreme Court appointment, and the justice will be played by Felicity Jones. She has had two prior bouts with cancer and had a stent implanted in 2014 to open a blocked artery, according to The Associated Press.

"Where can I donate a rib, or three?" tweeted one RBG fan.

There's precedent for her lengthy service, as Justices Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. and John Paul Stevens were both 90 when they retired.

The injury will preclude Ginsburg from attending Thursday morning's ceremonial investiture of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was confirmed on Oct 6.

Ginsburg, the court's eldest justice, has served for 25 years after being appointed by former president Bill Clinton in 1993.

"Keeping Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in our prayers and wishing her a speedy recovery!" said the group Students For Trump.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Thursday that Ginsburg is "a very tough woman" and that she's "praying for her".

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"I feel so strongly about the topic because I've seen first-hand how vital it is for all citizens to understand our Constitution and unique system of government, and participate actively in their communities", she wrote.

But Ginsburg, the court's oldest sitting justice, has consistently been adamant that she has had no intentions of retiring.

If Ms Ginsburg were unable to continue serving on the court, Mr Trump would likely move swiftly to replace her with a conservative, further shifting the court to the right.

"Ginsburg has had a series of health problems", reports AP. Fans of Notorious RBG, as she is sometimes known, immediately launched into grief - and action.

"I'm now 85", Ginsburg said.

Another said: "I love how every person under the age of 30 on Twitter is now offering #RuthBaderGinsburg their ribs and any other internal organ she might need". The couple met on a blind date when she was 17 years old.