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The Tesla and its Starman passenger were revealed on the live video feed as the exterior shell of the payload bay opened up. When Tesla launched its entry-level Model 3 back in 2017, the controversial entrepreneur justified the company's absence from India by invoking supply chain issues.

Almost nine months after it blasted off from the Kennedy Space Centre, Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster has cruised beyond Mars, SpaceX has confirmed. In the driver's seat is "Starman", a dummy astronaut named after the David Bowie song. Onboard the Roadster is also a display that reads "Don't Panic!" - a phrase found on the cover of the electronic guidebook in Adams's series.

The Roadster was put into orbit as a publicity stunt during the maiden voyage of the Falcon Heavy rocket.

For a launch and mission that were filled with references to literature, music and more, the logical continuation of the story implies even more such subtle nods to past works.

Could a white Galaxy Note9 be on the way?
According to SamsungMobile.News, " Samsung is working on a new technology trying to hide the front camera underneath the display". If what we are seeing here is true, this could be the most groundbreaking all-screen smartphone to look out for next year.

As part of the settlement, Musk was forced to resign his position as chairman at Tesla for three years, with Musk and Tesla paying fines of $20 million each (£15m). The Falcon Heavy is scheduled to fly for the second time in January. At 34,597 miles per hour (55,678km per hour), this is definitely the fastest roadster the Earth ― and the solar system ― has ever seen. There's a 6% chance of it colliding with Earth and a 2.5% chance of it smashing into Venus.

The dummy and vehicle will spend all that time drifting between the Earth and Mars, occasionally approaching but never orbiting either planet, in what is called a trans-Mars injection orbit.

The research team behind the study estimate that the Roadster will slam into either Earth or Venus in the next few tens of millions of years.