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The outcome has serious stakes for the president. Partisan gridlock. A warning shot for his re-election bid. "Later this evening the President and First Lady have invited family and friends to join them in the residence as they watch election returns". The Democrats stand little chance of winning the Senate, but with this new breed of candidate they could take control of the house.

All 435 seats in the US House are up for re-election.

By Election Day, both sides are expected to have spent more than US$5 billion, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Anxious Republicans privately expressed confidence in their narrow Senate majority but feared the House was slipping away. But if the GOP loses its majority it will need to to go on defense to protect Trump. Democratic Sen. Jon Tester is a slight favorite in a state Trump won by 20 points.

Compounding that problem would be the lack of a clear leader as the Democrats looked ahead to the 2020 election. "It could happen", he said, adding "don't worry about it". I don't care what the fake media says.

Democrats could also recapture governor's offices in several battleground states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and OH, a potential help for the party in those states in the 2020 presidential race.

Pedro Panelo, the 21-year-old president of the College Republicans at Wheaton College in IL, is frustrated immigration became a last-minute political football, because the issue is more complex than what either Democrats or Republicans make it out to be. Other committees are plotting aggressive oversight of Trump's administration and his web of business interests. Democrats had been looking at contesting a House race here, but that's faded from the list of truly competitive takeovers in the final weeks. But a Republican Senate will not remove him from office.

"Clearly there's an bad lot on the line in terms of the legislative agenda", said Republican consultant Josh Holmes.

During the campaign season, Democrats hoped to prompt a "blue wave" and flip several Republican-controlled states.

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Some in the White House think losing to Democrats might actually be preferable. He can't remember ever voting for a Democrat but said he might this time in protest.

If they do win control of the House, Democrats will try to harden USA policy toward Saudi Arabia, Russia and North Korea, while maintaining the status quo on hot-button areas like China and Iran. But Karl Rove, former top adviser to President George W. Bush, has a different prediction about how Republicans will react if they lose the House.

Appearing before thousands in an overflowing aircraft hangar in Macon for Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, Trump declared, "There's electricity in the air like I haven't seen since '16".

White House aides have discussed floating popular legislative issues, such as infrastructure, to tempt Democrats and test the unity of the Democratic opposition.

Of course it is possible that again, undecided voters will break for Trump and the Republican vote will be higher than expected in today's midterm elections.

Limbaugh said the establishment media is "downplaying this as evidenced by their desire to get Trump talking about the economy, and Trump made an awesome gamble not doing that". In the midterms, because there is no presidential election, there is no electoral college. The governor's race features Democrat Andrew Gillum, vying to be the state's first African-American governor, and Republican Ron DeSantis, who has hewed closely to Trump. Perhaps more important, they would win subpoena power to investigate Trump's many personal and professional missteps. "There's a chance to try and win them back over".

By the time Britain wakes up tomorrow morning, we will know the result of the 2018 USA midterm elections. "This is a referendum on the party in power". "The character of our country is on the ballot", former president Barack Obama said on Twitter on Monday.

Said Fleischer: "In the aftermath people with exaggerate its meaning and in 2 years' time everything will have changed".