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Declaring herself inspired to rally behind the "bold and bodacious" Stacey Abrams, Oprah Winfrey jumped into the 2018 midterm elections today, saying she wanted to be part of the historic campaign.

Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday a vote for Brian Kemp is tantamount to support for President Donald Trump, as he assailed Democrat Stacey Abrams and her high-profile supporters at a rally that attracted thousands in Dalton.

The Channel 2 Action News/Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll found that 46.9 percent of the respondents said they support Abrams, compared with 46.7 percent who said they support Kemp.

Stacey Abrams is the latest target of a racist robocall funded by The Road To Power. "When you sit at home, and your friends sit at home and don't go out to vote, you disrespect your elders". "Come on, Oprah! It's dehumanizing, it's completely baseless, it's totally cruel and again I say, you're much better than that and you're much bigger than that". In 2008, she campaigned for former US President Barack Obama as well Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Winfrey blasted attacks on Abrams that she says she saw in her hotel room - Republican ads casts Abrams as "too extreme" and "radical" for Georgia - as "noise" that is "designed to confound you with fear".

"For anybody here who has an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote, and you are choosing not to vote - wherever you are in this state, in this country, you are dishonoring your family", said Winfrey, who, like Abrams, is a black woman born in Mississippi.

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Moving over to Cruz voters, Triumph noted the senator famously called Trump "amoral", "philanderer", and "buffoon". First, Triumph visited the O'Rourke camp, where he mocked the candidate's attempt at punk music in the 1990s.

Though sometimes mentioned as a 2020 presidential candidate, Winfrey has demurred on her intentions. The icon made it very clear, as she has before, that she has no plans of running for president, as per People's report.

Multiple polls show a statistical dead heat between Kemp and Abrams, with a low percentage of undecided voters remaining. I don't want to run, okay?

Kemp told the packed crowd of supporters that the race for governor was a simple choice: one between continued economic prosperity under Republican leadership, or a turn to "socialism" under Democrats.

The admission comes after Trump condemned Oprah for her involvement in a 60 Minutes segment in which she interviewed both Trump voters and non-Trump voters.

Ms Abrams, a Yale-educated lawyer who served a decade in the Georgia Legislature, would be the first black female governor in American history.