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A worldwide hunt is on to find blood donors for a 2-year-old South Florida girl with a rare blood type who is also battling cancer.

Three donors have been found thus far, including a person in England, but Zainab will need more blood than they can provide.

Due to the mutation, experts say the possibility of finding a compatible donor who must be Pakistani, Indian or Iranian, is "less than 4 percent". This is because Zainab's blood type is extremely hard to find as it is devoid of an antigen called "Indian B", that is present in most people in their red blood cells.

Locating people who are missing the Indian B antigen comes down to genetics.

OneBlood said it's working closely with other blood centers as well as the American Rare Donor Program, which helps search the globe for donors with rare blood types.

Complicating the matter: She has a rare blood type and finding a match for life-saving transfusions is a huge challenge.

Zainab Mughal was diagnosed with neuroblastoma two months ago.

So far, three matching donors have been found worldwide, including a donor in the United Kingdom. She was then diagnosed with cancer. 'This was the worst thing we were expecting'.

Worldwide Donor Hunt to Help Girl with Rare Blood Type
Donors With 'Extremely Rare Blood' Sought for Florida Toddler Zainab, Who Has Neuroblastoma

Around 800 children in the U.S. are diagnosed each year with the disease and most are diagnosed when they are younger than five.

According to St Jude Children's Research Hospital, neuroblastoma accounts for seven to 10 percent of childhood cancers.

All donations for Zainab must be coordinated with OneBlood in advance to ensure the additional compatibility testing is performed.

The only people who are likely to be a match for Zainab are people of Pakistani, Indian or Iranian descent, OneBlood said.

"My daughter, she is still a long way away from being flawless", said Raheel Mughal, Zainab's father.

"This is all hands on deck", Bright said in the video.

According to a press release, more than 1,000 local and nationwide donations have been tested.

"My daughter's life very much depends on the blood", Mughal said, describing the plea for help as a "humble request" from his heart.

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