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The US Pacific Fleet said the guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell conducted the operation in the Sea of Japan on Wednesday.

On Wednesday the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer conducted a freedom of navigation operation in the Sea of Japan, near Peter the Great Bay, off the coast of Russian Federation.

Nor did the Navy leave any ambiguity about why the USS McCampbell made the journey.

CNN learned from the U.S. Navy that the United States does not recognize Russia's claims on Sea of Japan waters, noting that Kremlin claims ownership of areas that far exceed the 12 miles from the Russian coastline.

The US Navy called its sailing a "freedom of navigation" operation as it said Russia's claims far exceed the 12 nautical miles from the Russian coastline that is guaranteed under worldwide maritime law.

A USA defense official said that Wednesday's operation was the first time the US had conducted a FONOP in that area since 1987, when the Soviet Union was the government making those claims, CNN reported.

"We reserve the right to operate freely in accordance with global laws and norms", he also said.

Russian destroyer'Admiral Tributs
Russian destroyer'Admiral Tributs

CNN reported Wednesday that the Navy is also preparing to sail a ship into the Black Sea in response to Russia's actions against Ukraine. He said the latest U.S. operation in the Sea of Japan may indicate increasing United States concern about Russia's posturing in the Pacific.

It comes amid renewed tensions between the United States and Russian Federation in the Black Sea, where Russian Federation seized multiple Ukrainian vessels in the Kerch Strait last month, and as the two sides trade accusations over the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

"Russia's unprovoked assault on Ukrainian naval vessels within the Black Sea close to the Kerch Strait is a harmful escalation in a sample of more and more provocative and threatening exercise", the Pentagon stated in a press release, explaining the maneuver.

Also on Wednesday, CNN reported that the United States has begun making the necessary preparations to sail a warship into the Black Sea as a possible response to Russia's seizure of Ukrainian ships and sailors following a clash in the Kerch Strait.

Russian Federation claims all of Peter the Great Bay, which is home to its Pacific fleet.

Citing the Black Sea dispute, President Donald Trump last week canceled a planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Group of 20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

NATO has accusedRussia of developing weapons in violation of the treaty, and the State Department has warned Russian Federation that it has 60 days to return to compliance or the treaty is finished.

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